I Moved

Last winter in Winterpeg (Winnipeg) was another nasty cold winter with too much wind & snow. I decided that it would be my last winter in Manitoba. On July 11th, I packed my car and as soon as the movers had my boxes & furniture, I left Winnipeg.

I didn’t make it far the first day. I knew I would be exhausted after packing my own car and directing the movers to get everything else out of there and then cleaning up. The suite inspection quickly happened as soon as the movers finished. After being cleared and handing in the keys, I got just outside of Winnipeg where I earlier booked a room in Headingley. It was so nice to relax in peace & quiet – I had dinner at an attached restaurant and after a great sleep, I had complementary breakfast at the motel.

The next day would be a long drive, so I started out early with the plan on driving right through Saskatchewan and stopping in Alberta at Medicine Hat. Amazingly enough that is exactly what happened. I stayed at the same hotel chain – Best Western in Medicine Hat and again had my dinner at an attached restaurant and had the complementary breakfast in the morning before starting out. Today’s drive would also be a long one with the plan of getting past most of the mountains before stopping at Revelstoke B.C. Revelstoke’s lodgings were again at a Best Western. This one did not have an attached restaurant, but still had the free breakfast. There were several restaurants within a very short walking distance though. That would leave me with a 6 to 7hour drive to my new home.

At each of these stops, I have been depending on my trusty phone and the google maps app to direct me where I wanted to go. This worked perfectly until I was almost at Chilliwack, B.C. (my new home). Just as I was close to my turnoff, my phone died. Because I had used google maps on my pc the day before, I knew there was a Best Buy at my exit – so I took that exit and stopped at a Tim Hortons to see if I could get directions. The staff were busy with customers, and I saw a couple of ladies at a nearby table, so I asked them how to get to my new address. They were very helpful and checked their google maps to get me the fastest & easiest way home. They even wrote it down (which is wonderful with my faulty memory). I thanked them & was on my way quickly. I found my home right away as their directions were perfect.


Love the Mountains
To a prairie girl, these mountains are amazing.
My Best Western in Revelstoke with the mountain behind it.
There are not many place to stop & take photos on this highway, but I stopped as often as I could.

I met this big guy in Revelestoke – isn’t he gorgeous!

My little Toyota Yaris did a great job going up & down the mountains.

Part of my mountain view from my balcony. I will never get tired of this view.

Sunset in the mountains!

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  1. Just checked out your new home on internet, WOW what a fantastic place. I wish you every happiness in your new home. I look forward to hearing about your new adventures as you explore the area. Knowing your love for nature and countryside I have a feeling you are going to be very happy. Love from Suzie & me xx


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