Bridal Veil Falls

A few years ago, my daughter had brought me to the Bridal Veil Falls when I was visiting with her. I was probably in a bit better shape, because I don’t remember how hard the steep walk up from the parking lot was. Although maybe I just remember the good part of the walk (downhill) – LOL

But, I took it easy and stopped to take photos along the way when I needed to catch my breath. It was quite a short walk up, so I survived. 🙂

The trees are HUGE
I didn’t have a tape measure with me, but this tree stump was at least 10 feet around and maybe closer to 15 feet.
There must be several streams coming from the falls, because this is nowhere near all the water coming down!
There are even little falls along the way.

It is very lush & green along the trail.

We are getting closer now.
Just a few more steps to go. 🙂
It is breath taking! It does look like a bridal veil.

The walk down was not as steep, but was a little bit longer. It is still beautiful though.

With all the humidity in the air from the falls, everything is lush & green.
The last little waterfall just before leaving the area.

Last time when my daughter (Angie) and I were there, we also found a little park on the other side of the road. It was a lovely calm spot with a pond, but I didn’t see it from the highway this time. I’ll have to head back there again soon to take a better look.

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