So Many People Fishing on Vedder River

On this walk, I saw so many more people fishing from the banks or from the water (wearing hip waders) than I have seen before. The area near the bridge was not covered though and someone mentioned that the water was a bit too fast on that day.

As well as the people in the middle of the photo, there are a few further across the rocks.
More people fishing a little further on
You can see the water is really moving here.
Some people on this side and more on other other side

At least they are spread out instead of having 50 people standing about 3 feet apart. I have no idea how they managed to keep their lines untangled in the fast moving water when they are so close together.

I walked a little further than I usually do and noticed a path leading off the trail – so I followed it. There was a little bridge across a small creek with the above sign posted. I might explore around there a bit more on my next trip.

I took just this one photo of the creek and you can see there is definitely some life in there with the little circles in the water.
Back to the Vedder River and more people fishing.

I did not see anyone catch a fish or anyone who had a fish.

Wow – I found a spot where NO ONE was fishing. The river crosses back & forth a few times, from one side to the other – this is where it is coming back to my side.
A young Gull standing on a rock in the water.
Not far away, was a mature Western Gull on a different rock, but in the same river.

My Merlin bird app says this is a Western Gull. In Manitoba I only saw Ring-billed Gulls and I knew this one wasn’t a Ring-billed.

This morning, I took my car to the Valley Toyota dealership to have the block heater replaced. It has been recalled. I certainly don’t need a block heater here – but I didn’t want to leave a defective one in the car, so they ordered the parts and are looking after that now.

Of course, getting the recall on the block heater reminded me of the Winnipeg Toyota Dealership (Crown Toyota) who told me that they checked it (at my request) and it was fine. I knew something was wrong though because the car needed a boost to get it started as soon as the temperature dropped. They said it just needed a new battery – but the battery was only suffering because the block heater wasn’t doing it’s job. I then started using Birchwood Toyota and had no problems with them. I received the recall notice after I arrived in Chilliwack and it was Birchwood Toyota who let me know.