Back at the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve

Each time I go back to this beautiful Nature Reserve, I explore a little bit more and this time was no exception.

Some of the photos are cropped by WordPress to fit, but you can see the full photo by clicking on it.

A pair of Mallard Ducks and a beautiful (& very tall) dead tree

A beautiful Wood Duck and an American Wigeon (a first time for me)

Here we are at the Vedder Rotary Trail – and the same map, but with the red dot in the Nature Reserve.

I turned left to walk a bit on the Rotary Trail, but I still had exploring to do in the reserve.

First there was a bridge to cross – so I did that & walked until I came to the trees in the middle of the path. My thoughts immediately took me to Kruger National Park, where some of the roads had trees in the middle. In South Africa, you drive on the left hand side of the road – so I walked on the left side and went around the trees and headed back. Next time I’ll follow that trail further.

I turned off onto the Tower Trail. I had walked it once before, but when it came out to a spot I didn’t know, I retraced my steps back. This time I walked it from the opposite direction without having to retrace my steps. I stopped at a little overlook where I saw a beautiful Great Blue Heron on the other side of the water.

I am guessing that this is the same Great Blue Heron that a man had decided to get a photo of earlier by walking right up to where he was. He only had a phone for taking photos. So – he scared the Heron off and I think where I found him is the same place that he flew to for safety. It was the same direction anyway. With all the bushes in front of me and a whole bunch of water, he had no idea I was snapping photos and he (or she) provided several photos.

As I was heading for my car, I had to cross a bridge and I stopped for one more Great Blue Heron Photo.

I was almost back to my car when I noticed the above sign and the girder bridge panel – so got a couple more photos.

6 thoughts on “Back at the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve

  1. Mavis,

    Stumble bum here! Dealing with a number of family crises here in Massachusetts, unable to get out to walk at all. Killing my energy level! I appreciate your blogs, though, as I’m reminded that there is at least one person still out there walking for fun! Missing you and my virtual trail buddies! Cheers, Tim George


    1. Oh no Stumblebum – I’m so sorry to hear this. I was wondering why you weren’t catching up though, so I’m glad you let me know. Hope the crises settle down soon.


    2. I’m so sorry to hear this Stumblebum – I hope things will be back to normal and under control soon. Thanks for letting me know as I’ve been wondering why you hadn’t passed me again.


      1. Dear Mavis,

        Glad this message got through. I have no social media footprint, but wanted to let you know why I had dropped off the radar. Glad to see you’ve had lots of new trail opportunities. Stay well, stay safe, and I will try to get back into the virtual groove as soon as possible. Cheers, Tim George


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