Return to the Greater Vancouver Zoo

Yesterday was a beautiful day for another walk at the zoo (which is not in Vancouver) although the name kind of implies that it is in Vancouver. Oh Well.

Before heading out I decided I should have the oil changed in my car, so I stopped at a nearby Mr. Lube location. Just as that was finishing, I realized that I had forgotten my camera – duh!

Luckily, since I hadn’t gone far, it was a very short drive back home to get it. If I hadn’t stopped for the oil change, I wouldn’t have noticed until I got to the zoo (which is about a 25 minute drive – compared to the 2 minutes from the Mr. Lube to home.

Now that children are back in school, it was very quiet at the zoo. Parents with toddlers & babies were taking advantage of the beautiful fall weather (as I was).

I was hoping that this time I would be able to see the Snow Leopards that had come from the Assiniboine Park Zoo in Winnipeg about a year ago.

I was going to go the opposite direction than I did the first time, so I headed to my left. I was approaching a gate when I realized that it said staff only and a staff member was just coming out, so I chatted with him. He suggested that I start on the path just beside the playground because the tiger is usually active at about this time – so I did.

And there she is. I think he said her name is Rita.

Bighorn Sheep – the big guy and the moms and 3 babies. (There were only 2 babies last time I was there.)

Grizzly Bears the Black Bears were too close to the fence for a decent photo.

One of the Red Pandas was awake and out enjoying the day.

There were 2 Ostriches and this one came right up to the fence to have a chat with me. She was hilarious as she poked through and around the fence. Many of the photos were blurred due to her movement, but she was entertaining enough that I forgive her.

There were 3 beautiful Giraffes out enjoying the sun.

The beautiful Lioness decided to pose for a photo for me when I walked past on my 2nd try to find the Snow Leopards. Still no sign of the Snow Leopards. 😦 They probably are sleeping in air conditioned comfort, but the doors are open in case they want to come out.

African Spurred Tortoise (same one each photo), but zoomed in more for 2nd