Assiniboine Park – part 2

After leaving the Gardens in Assiniboine Park, I headed over to visit the zoo. Some of the critters were very cooperative in providing a few photos for me to show you. Now, it was time to get out of the sun & heat, and to head for home.

Walking at the Zoo

At least once every weekend, I try to get to one of my walking places. Yesterday the Zoo was the attraction because the new baby Snow Leopards are now out on display and I wanted to see them.

Another Day

Its actually another chilly day here at 11C for my morning walk with Chester along the Red River.  The sun is kind of shining though the clouds that are still hanging around after last night’s thunder storm.  We didn’t see a single critter, other than one bunny and since Chester saw him before I did,… Continue reading Another Day

August 28th – trip to the zoo

It is turning out to be not too bad a weekend for me, although they predicted rain this afternoon (which didn’t happen) and now rain tonight, overnight and tomorrow.  It is 19C right now, so thats not bad. I had talked myself into building new steps for the back deck this weekend, but that didn’t… Continue reading August 28th – trip to the zoo