Leopards, Tigers, Pandas & more

Most of the pictures that I took yesterday at Assiniboine Park Zoo were of one Polar Bear who did a wonderful job of giving me several poses.  I did manage to get pictures of more critters too, but didn’t want to have too many pictures in one post. You don’t usually see all the Seals… Continue reading Leopards, Tigers, Pandas & more

Assinibone Park Zoo & More Updates

It was a beautiful day yesterday and it has been awhile since I’ve taken a trip to the Assiniboine Park Zoo – so away I went.  I just brought my little camera with me, since it it always in my purse, and I wasn’t planning on taking many pictures – but I did take a… Continue reading Assinibone Park Zoo & More Updates

More From Assiniboine Park Zoo

I had more than enough Polar Bear pictures to fill my last entry so now here are more of the critters from that trip to the zoo. Cougar Canada Geese (who live there because they want to). Arctic Fox Neither of these 2 would hold still for pics, so this is all I managed. Harbour… Continue reading More From Assiniboine Park Zoo

Assiniboine Park Zoo – April 2015

I picked up an annual membership to the Assiniboine Park Zoo so will be putting up highlights of many of the visits.  I love the critters there and the zoo gives me a place to walk and enjoy the outdoors, so I will likely go there often especially during the summer months. The bears were… Continue reading Assiniboine Park Zoo – April 2015

The Cats – Assiniboine Park Zoo

The Assiniboine Park Zoo has several big cats on display.  I have never been thrilled with any of the accommodations for these cats though. Much money was donated to enlarge the Tiger home and this much larger enclosure is now open when I was at the zoo.  I only saw one Tiger in the new… Continue reading The Cats – Assiniboine Park Zoo

Zoo Day

Yesterday afternoon I decided to take advantage of my first long weekend by taking a trip to the Assiniboine Park Zoo.  When I first booked my vacation days as long weekends, I was planning on spending my first one working in the yard and maybe digging in my flowerbed, but mother nature had other plans… Continue reading Zoo Day

August 28th – trip to the zoo

It is turning out to be not too bad a weekend for me, although they predicted rain this afternoon (which didn’t happen) and now rain tonight, overnight and tomorrow.  It is 19C right now, so thats not bad. I had talked myself into building new steps for the back deck this weekend, but that didn’t… Continue reading August 28th – trip to the zoo

June 26th

The weather has been wonderful the last few day with highs of about 27C and lows around 20C.   I rode my bike to work all week and avoided getting wet as there was no rain, even though it was predicted almost every day again.  We did get a bit of rain this afternoon, but all… Continue reading June 26th