Zoo Critters – with a Bonus

I volunteer at the Assiniboine Park Zoo about 3 times a week. While volunteering, I can only take photos with my phone – although I could sign up for a photography shift and bring my camera. I enjoy the social interactions with visitors & members, so rarely sign up for photography. I have a membership (thanks to my volunteering) and I can just go on my own with my camera though – so that is what I did.

The zoo has some beautiful critters on exhibit.

The Zoo has 5 wolves. If they would all line up I might be able to decide who is who, but they never line up for me. They are all related and look very similar. One more Wolf below.

The two photos above of a Red Fox kit are both the same fox. The same applies to the next three photos. There are 3 kits – they are not zoo animals, but they were born in the zoo. The other 2 kits were not out when I was there. The mom will be taking them out soon, but in the meantime, they have a safe place in the zoo to grow a little more.

I spent most of my time taking photos of the adorable fox kit, but did wander around a bit when he (or she) went into hiding. On this day, I only saw the one, but had seen all three when I was volunteering the other day.