Nearing the End (I HOPE) of our Neverending Winter

Although there is still snow and ice in abundance here, there is also water – lots of water. Due to our high amount of snowfall this year, the melting snow and ice is now causing flooding in many parts of the province. Winnipeg (or Winterpeg, which it is often called) has almost made it through this very cold long winter.

I wandered over to Fort Whyte Alive a couple of days ago to see if I could find some returning birds to the area. I was successful in finding some Geese, Ducks and Songbirds on my walk.

I always love to watch the birds returning in the spring. This year I was more prepared than usual as I bought myself a pair of rubber boots. The paths are wet and muddy. Usually I just avoid some places in the spring because the paths are just too mucky to walk in while wearing shoes.

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