Last Stop of the Day – Kildonan Park

Something that I love to do is walk. I walk because I enjoy it and also because it is a healthy way to exercise. On my way back home, I was driving right past Kildonan Park, so I thought another walk would be nice. I started at the Duck Pond/Witches Hut and headed out for another walk.

Witches Hut – still closed, but maybe it will open this year.
The pond is still frozen here.

It looks like they are expecting the pond to overflow and flood the building once things melt.

Luckily I didn’t need to use the washroom – LOL
A sweet little Yellow-rumped Warbler.
Toboggan slides behind the picnic tables & benches.
Canada Goose in the Red River
The Red River is very high
As I was almost back to my car, this sweet White-breasted Nuthatch came down the tree.

I decided I had walked enough today and at this point I got in my car and headed for home. According to my FitBit, l walked over 7 miles while out today.