Walking Around the Lakes

I continued my walk from yesterday and once I arrived back on the beach side, I could see more birds and a little closer from the far side.

A pair of Canada Geese standing on the ice

I wasn’t sure what the first bird was until I saw the 2nd one. The male is obviously a Hooded Merganser, so I checked and found out that the first one was the female Hooded Merganser. I couldn’t get a good photo of the female, but it was good enough to verify on my bird app.

I always stop to take a photo of Chapman’s Ice Cream and as always it is not open. I don’t even know if it is still Chapmans, since most of the sign is gone. I guess it is never open because I never go to the park in the summer.

It was time to finish this walk and head back to Winnipeg. I did make one more stop on the way home and tomorrow, you can see where I stopped.