The Lakes & Beaches at Birds Hill Provincial Park

Last year, I set out on this walk in February and I got myself lost. The trails were buried in snow and it was my first time walking this trail. After quite a bit of time (no idea of actual time), I ran into some people, who steered me in the right direction. This walk turned out much better. There was still snow on parts of the trail, but there was enough open spots that I had no problem keeping to the trails. It also helped that I walked this a few times during the warmer months that I knew where I should be.

This American Robin greeted me as I got started on the walk.

Just a short distance from the Robin, I was greeted by a sweet Little Black-capped Chickadee.

After he landed on my hand, I realized that he wasn’t really talking to me. I had missed seeing the little pile of seeds on the edge of the path. He was really just waiting for me to move so he could land by the seeds. He was still very sweet though.
A pair of Canada Geese were just over a little hill – so only their necks & head were showing.
Their is a fair amount of open water but still plenty of ice on the lake.

A busy Beaver had cut down this tree. After cutting it down, he (or she) bit off the top and all the branches. 2nd photo is the top of the tree.

I am about 1/2 way through this walk – looking back towards the beach from the other side.

More of this walk will be in tomorrow’s post.