A Couple of Days in Riding Mountain National Park – part 1

Although I am lucky enough to have several places in or near the city where I can roam freely and take photos, I always love to go a bit further away where I can completely immerse myself in nature. I also get to see more variety and sizes of wildlife when I head up to… Continue reading A Couple of Days in Riding Mountain National Park – part 1

A Walk in between Rain Showers

Showers were in the forecast for all day yesterday and we had a big storm the night before, so I decided to stay in my own area to walk around.  Of course, I brought my camera and hoped that the rain would hold off until after I returned home. My first sighting was a man… Continue reading A Walk in between Rain Showers

A Little Walk

Yesterday, I had absolutely nothing scheduled except for laundry, so after the laundry was done, I went for a walk along the Seine River.  I just brought my little camera that does’t have a lot of zoom, since it fits into my pocket. First thing I found was on a tree trunk just behind my… Continue reading A Little Walk

Another Photo Shoot with St. Peanut

There is no doubt that I am going to miss this little guy when I move next week, so when St. Peanut decided to spend a few minutes here with a friend yesterday afternoon and again this morning, I took lots of pictures. Many of the pictures are far from perfect, since he continues to challenge… Continue reading Another Photo Shoot with St. Peanut

A Flock of Common Redpolls

I found out this morning what eats the seed pods from the River Birch that is just off my balcony.  There were dozens of Common Redpolls making short work of all those pods. They are not a bird that I am used to seeing, but the name did pop into my head.  I had to… Continue reading A Flock of Common Redpolls

Blue Jays & a Couple of Updates

This morning I heard the unmistakable sound of Blue Jays outside my window.  This is the first time I’ve heard (or seen) any Blue Jays since I moved here.  I grabbed my camera and shot some pictures through the balcony windows.  Guess I’ll have to clean these windows one day. Actually, the windows didn’t mess… Continue reading Blue Jays & a Couple of Updates

Flowers Everywhere

Well – maybe the flowers aren’t everywhere – but they seem to be in every corner of my yard right now.  I love this time of year.  🙂 The Blue Spruce has come a long way from the little 4 inch twig that Angie brought home from the community club when she was about 3… Continue reading Flowers Everywhere

Sony NEX-5N Zoom

I normally use full zoom when I’m taking pictures unless the subject is close to me, but this afternoon I decided to zoom that tree of mine at each setting just to see what it shows as I progressively move it to full zoom.  This is using the 55mm – 210mm zoom lens. All the… Continue reading Sony NEX-5N Zoom

Flowers and Ducks

It was 9C when Chester and I went for our walk this morning and it has already risen to 13C by the time I uploaded my pictures and re-sized them for all to see  🙂  and its partly sunny.  AND someone is working on the mystery block across the street that had been abandoned over… Continue reading Flowers and Ducks