Diversity Gardens at The Leaf

This morning I wandered around the Diversity Gardens at the Leaf in Assiniboine Park. I had been there the day before it opened to the public and took several photos. Unfortunately I was not at home and was using my little laptop. The laptop updated several times over a few days and is now messed up. I can not find those photos at this time, so went again this morning. Once there I realized that my camera was still at home! But, I had my trusty phone, so I will use the photos that I took with my phone.

The gardens have grown since my first visit and flowers are everywhere today, so the photos are much more colourful. The outside fences are open, so we can enter from more than one location as well.

There are 6 different gardens.

The tree above is in The Grove and the Turkey was also in The Grove.

The next 4 photos were taken in the Seasonal Garden.

The last 4 photos were taken in the Kitchen Garden.

The other Gardens are: Indigenous Peoples Garden, Sensory Garden, Performance Garden.

If interested you can find out more at Assiniboine Park Diversity Gardens at