My Walk Along Bunn’s Creek

It was a beautiful morning with temperatures in the low 20’s instead of the hot 30’s we have been getting the last few weeks. I thought Bunn’s Creek might be a good place to walk a bit, so that is where I headed. My plan was to walk all the way from the park along Bunn’s Creek to the Red River and then back to the park on the path along the creek again.

After parking the car, I turned right onto the trail – heading away from the Red River. As well as looking for birds and other critters to photograph, I also wanted to see the bridges that have been painted. In the park, the bridges allow us to cross and re-cross Bunn’s Creek, but after leaving the park, the path follows one side or the other – sometimes changing as we cross streets.

The 3rd bridge had too many people on it to get a picture of it.

The next few photos were taken while I was still in the park and the rest were taken on the way to (or at) the Red River.

When I got home, I could hear Chickadees outside my balcony, so I managed to get a couple of photos of one of them.

It is still cool enough 25C so that I have my balcony door open (which is how I could hear the Chickadee), but it supposed to be warmer tomorrow. Glad I got my walking in today.

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