A Walk in between Rain Showers

Showers were in the forecast for all day yesterday and we had a big storm the night before, so I decided to stay in my own area to walk around.  Of course, I brought my camera and hoped that the rain would hold off until after I returned home.

My first sighting was a man fixing one of his bicycle tires after getting a flat. He was right at the pedestrian bridge that goes over the Seine River. He knew what he was doing and has obviously done this many times before, so I kept going.  I don’t take pictures of people – so nothing to show here.

Next sighting was a tree with a hole in it.  I don’t know what had been inside, but there had been life of some kind in there.  This tree earned 2 pictures – one showing the tree with the hole and then zoomed in on the hole (which I lightened quite a bit to see inside).

DSCN0445 (800x600)

DSCN0446 (800x639)

Next was a man & a woman pushing a little carriage.  Just as they were passing me, I heard their baby barking.  🙂  Inside the carriage was a tiny white dog barking hello to me.  No pictures there either.

As I rounded a curve on the trail, I could hear a couple of Squirrels having an argument.  One chased the other away and then came back to a tree right beside me.  He seemed to enjoy the attention and he posed for a few pictures.

DSCN0447 (800x600)

DSCN0448 (536x800)

DSCN0450 (529x800)

DSCN0452 (558x800)

DSCN0454 (800x739)

DSCN0456 (494x800)

I said good-bye to the Red Squirrel and continued down the path until I found a Grey Squirrel heading towards me.  He was also very accommodating and posed for me as well.

DSCN0459 (522x800)

DSCN0464 (656x800)

DSCN0465 (646x800)

DSCN0466 (800x796)

DSCN0468 (800x547)

Shortly after leaving the Grey Squirrel, I arrived at a junction on the path that would take me along a very busy road, so I turned back to retrace my steps away from roads.  Before I knew it I was back with the Red Squirrel who wanted to give me a couple of  different poses.  I think the Grey Squirrel told him about the head shots he had provided.

DSCN0471 (800x782)

DSCN0474 (800x728)

I would like to think that he knows I am an animal lover and was just saying hi, but I am guessing that he might be fed by some of the people who walk by and was waiting to get something from me.

The man fixing his bicycle tire had left by the time I returned to the bridge over the Seine River, but shortly after that, there was a man walking his black cat on a leash and a few steps further on was a woman walking her dog.

Thanks for coming along on my little walk!


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