Meet Neko and Finnegan

As you may have noticed, I love all critters, so when I was asked if I could look after a couple of kitties, by just coming in a couple of times a day to give them food, water and some attention, I said yes.

I went over and met the owner and the cats a few weeks before and knew there wouldn’t be any problems with the few days I would be coming and going to visit with them.  I wasn’t expecting the heat wave that hit here, but luckily it didn’t really cause any problems.

The 2 cats are Neko,  a grey cat who is the older one and is a little set in her ways.  She doesn’t really like her companion, Finnegan, who is mostly black with a white spot on her neck.  Finnegan is a happy-go-lucky cat and doesn’t really seem to notice how much she upsets Neko sometimes though.  Luckily, the 3rd critter in residence there is a beautiful dog who is quite happy to have Finnegan lick him.  Maximus would not be home though as he was booked in at a doggy daycamp where he would get to run and play more than he would if left at home.

Luckily, my phone takes fairly decent pictures – since I didn’t bring my camera with me and I even forgot my phone at home for one trip.

My first visit was in the evening on Friday.  Finnegan was at the door to greet me when I arrived.  The only problem is that since black cats all look pretty much the same and I couldn’t remember how much white she had – so I wasn’t sure if this cat was Finnegan or not.  She finally convinced me that she was though, so I let her in.  She ran straight to the food dishes, so I knew she had been in there before and must be Finnegan.  She then jumped onto the table and I knew that was part of her regular routine.

Neko was sound asleep on the bed and hadn’t even noticed when I arrived, but I talked to her and gave her a pet, which she allowed.  She then went into the front room and got comfortable in front of the window to check on the world outside.  Finnegan joined her at the window and licked her head, but Neko wasn’t happy with that, so she hissed at her and ran back to the bed.  By then, both of them decided it was time to eat, so I got their dishes ready for them.  They were obviously hungry and they both gobbled their food down.  I cleaned up the dishes and then went outside to check the flowers and garden for water.  I knew they had been watered in the morning, but might need more in the evening due to the heat.  Some did need more, but mostly the smaller potted flowers – so they got some.  Then I went in to make sure the kitties were comfortable inside before leaving.

Next morning I was met at the door by both cats, who went immediately to their dishes.  I fed them and they cleaned up everything and headed for the door to get outside.  No socializing with Neko today for sure since she was long gone as soon as she got outside – but Finnegan hung around to supervise me while I watered the flowers and garden.  She also stayed around for pictures including a selfie with me.  I then locked up and headed for home.

In the evening I returned a bit early in case they wanted to get out of the heat and into the air conditioned house.  I found them both at the door and they came inside with me and headed for their dishes again.   They obviously figured out I was their waitress pretty fast and I could supply the same food as their owner did.  🙂  Afterwards, Neko sat with me and was happy while I petted her.  Happy until Finnegan arrived that is, and Neko left with a hiss again.  I pet Finnegan for awhile before going out to check for watering again.  The garden and flowers were beautiful, and just the smaller pots needed water again – so they got it.  I headed for home with both cats inside for the night.

On my last visit with them the next morning, both cats came to the door to greet me and then headed for their dishes.  As soon as Neko finished, she went right to the door to go out.  I managed a couple of pictures before she disappeared this time.  Finnegan stayed inside until I went out to water everything again and then she supervised as I did that.  She posed for a couple more pictures and then it was time for me to leave them.

Their owner let me know when she arrived home and that both cats were inside.  I was glad she let me know because I would have been worried about them otherwise.


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