More Toby Time

I arrived at Toby’s house a little before his family were heading out on their last vacation before the boys headed back to school.  Toby gave me his usual big smile (which always makes anyone around him smile) and we said good-bye to his family as they drove off on their adventure.

Toby had some brunch and then relaxed a bit before heading out for our first walk.  He loves going for walks and he sits and waits to have his halti put on before we head out – but he also loves trying to get it off once we are out there and on some grass.  Maybe he would be rubbing his face on the grass even if he wasn’t wearing a halti – as he seems to enjoy that too.

IMG_1134 (759x800)IMG_1164 (800x777)

IMG_1169 (800x668)
He even tried standing on his head.

After a minute, he shook himself off and we continued on our way.   One stop at the sculpture in the park for a picture.  Usually I take the picture with him in front of it, but today he wanted to sniff it, so the picture doesn’t show the entire sculpture.

IMG_1171 (600x800)

I realized afterwards that if we didn’t go into the park where he was rubbing his head/halti, he didn’t rub it on grass anywhere else.  We walked a different route each time we went out and although he walked on grass often, he did not try to rub his halti off.  This is an extremely busy park, so maybe it is just an overload of smells that gets him rubbing his face on the grass there.

Of course, we need selfies.

IMG_1131 (707x800)IMG_1130 (767x800)IMG_1123 (800x673)

The next morning Toby met a sweet little girl who was about 1 year old.  She was with her mother in a bus shelter and was sitting in her stroller.  Toby and this little girl both saw each other at the same time as I could see the little girl’s eyes light up as she smiled and pointed her little hand at him and I felt Toby’s tail hitting my legs as he started wagging it and pulling towards her.  Toby’s size is very intimidating for many people, but as we approached the side of the bus shelter that is all glass, Toby got his nose on the glass and the little girl was grinning and waving at him.  The child’s mother was also smiling at the interaction, so I let Toby go on another side that was all glass and they continued the same actions.  I then let him put his head into the doorway and the mother turned the stroller so the little girl could still see Toby.  I didn’t let him get close enough to cover her face with kisses though – just in case he ended up knocking the stroller over and scaring her.  Toby loves everyone, but this interaction with the little girl was amazingly adorable.

I did not bring my camera on any of the walks and except for the first day, I didn’t even bring my phone with me to take pictures.  The pictures I took after day #1 were just taken in Toby’s home.

IMG_1197 (589x800)
Toby loves his blanket.
IMG_1202 (600x800)
He has a plan – I just have to figure out what it is.
IMG_1221 (600x800)
Back to the blanket.
IMG_1225 (600x800)
If only he could tell me what is going on in this doggie mind.
IMG_1231 (800x600) (2)
Toby heard a video playing on my computer while he was in the other room and he came to investigate.

I almost forgot about the last 2 pictures I took of Toby enjoying the sunshine in the yard.

DSCN0541 (767x800)DSCN0542 (800x589)

The 6 days with Toby went quickly and before I knew it I was back at home again.

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