Winnipeg to Vancouver – Day 6

My daughter Angie and I had plans for the afternoon, but did our own things in the morning. We had booked a boat ride out to look for wildlife in the afternoon – specifically whales and were excited to go.

We left early to make sure we made it on time and ended up with a fair amount of waiting, only to find out that the trip was cancelled due to the winds and waves. There is a possibility we can return tomorrow and get on a boat, and there is also a possibility that that one could be cancelled as well.

The money we paid will be refunded if we don’t get the ride – but we are both still hoping that we can get on it.

While waiting, we did see this Great Blue Heron at a distance. It is not a great photo – but it is the only one I got.

Since we were in the area, we decided to drive over to a nice beach where we could walk and then get something to eat. I really liked the view of the buildings against the mountains in the distance.

Then – a couple more beach views – one with crows – dozens of crows (but only a few made it into the photo).

The crows are in the seaweed and stuff washed up on the shore after the tide has gone out. There must be a bunch of yummy things in there to eat.

We stopped to eat at Hooked Fish Bar and had a delicious meal. I had cod & chips and Angie had a pulled pork sandwich. Both meals were great and I really loved the sign above the door. Every business should have this

If you can’t read this for any reason – here is what it says. “If you are grouchy, or just plain mean – there will be a $10.00 added charge for putting up with you!

It was early evening by the time we got back and we decided to just call it a night and hope we would get a call to return for the boat in the morning.

I get lost much to easily so Angie is doing all the driving and I just get to drive back to my room each day. If it wasn’t for my GPS I wouldn’t even be able to handle that short ride.

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