Moving On

Not today, but tomorrow, I’ll be moving back to my apartment.  The last 3 weeks have been fun and I’ll miss having a dog when I am living on my own again. I have posted most of the pictures I took of my 3 weeks with Toby on my FaceBook page, but I did save… Continue reading Moving On

The Balcony

I have never had a balcony before, and I have now learned one thing since our first snowstorm. It is best to leave a sliding screen door open for the winter. I had noticed that some of the suites had their screen door in the open position and I had no idea why.  I didn’t… Continue reading The Balcony


A lot of crows spend the winter up north here these days because they have found it is easy to find food around the city.  Many more do take the long flight south though and now they are back – along with plenty of Canada Geese. I took a few pictures of crows the last… Continue reading Crows


Crows are so much fun to watch.  They seem to enjoy whatever they are doing. Yesterday Chester and I found this family of crows on the banks of the Red River when we were out for our morning walk.  They were so busy and so noisy, and afterwards I was sorry that I hadn’t taken… Continue reading Crows

The Mob in Action

There are a lot of Crows around here.  Once in awhile I see them mobbing a hawk or an owl, and this morning was another mob day. I could hear them when I was still a 1/2 block from the Red River when Chester and I were on our walk.  Once I got to the… Continue reading The Mob in Action

August 5th

It was a refreshing 13C under a sunny sky with humidity of 84% this morning when Chester and I went for our walk along the Red River.  The wildlife sightings were limited to a family of noisy crows and several bunnies for Chester to stalk.  I did see some ducks, but they were busy foraging… Continue reading August 5th