English Garden at Assiniboine Park

I am often in the Assiniboine Park because I volunteer at the zoo, but I seldom go into the English Garden, which is right beside the zoo.  Yesterday, I was early for my shift and decided to spend the extra time in the garden.

I only had my phone with me, so the pictures are fine for the flowers – but the bird activity was wonderful to watch.  The phone camera just doesn’t give the zoom required to show off the feathered critters.

Hummingbirds were everywhere and often in groups as they quickly went from flower to flower, to perching on a branch, to just going in circles with the other humming birds. Migration has begun and many birds that we haven’t seen since Spring are back again as they get started on their journey south.  I will be making a trip back one day soon with my camera, but for now I just have a few pictures of the gorgeous flowers and the cacti.  I had no idea they had any cactus in this garden and I thought I had covered every path before.

IMG_1238 (800x600)IMG_1239 (800x600)IMG_1240 (800x600)IMG_1241 (800x586)IMG_1242 (800x600)IMG_1243 (800x600)

After taking these pictures, I met a friend (fellow volunteer at the zoo) and we spent most of the rest of the time watching the bird activity.

4 thoughts on “English Garden at Assiniboine Park

  1. Beautiful flowers. I remember from our visits to the US, the Hummingbirds drinking from our relatives back porch, such beautiful little birds, we have nothing like that here in the UK. Do the hummingbirds migrate to the US from you 🙂


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