Towards Selkirk and North

I was kind of deciding to go west a bit, but once we were approaching Selkirk, we ended up going through and continuing north on the same road. It has been many years since I’ve been in Selkirk and it looks nothing like it did way back then.

Just before Selkirk, I stopped to take a photo of the ice breaking up on the river. This is still the Red River, but just a bit further north.

While I was stopped on the side of the road I looked up and there was a Bald Eagle flying in circles above my head. These are the best photos I have ever managed with these gorgeous birds.

Further on – just after driving through Selkirk, I stopped to get another photo of the ice on the river.

By this time, the road had changed into a gravel/mud road – but I continued on even though I had no idea where this road would go.

All along the road were a bunch of spots where someone has been driving in and to the river. About every 10 – 15 feet, a new one went in. Some were marked with ribbons or banners, and I assume this is how they can tell their spot from everyone else’s. I don’t know if they pay to have these private fishing spots or if anyone can go in. I didn’t go into any of them because I don’t know – but no one was in any of them either.

I was hoping to find wildlife along here. I seemed to be the only one on the road and with the river on one side and bush on the other, it seemed an ideal place for critters.

I was stopped to take the above photo and then took one of the other side of the road.

Then another one of the road ahead.

Looks like another turn coming up ahead.

When I drove up to what I thought was a turn, I realized that it was actually the end of the road. Another river comes into the Red River there so that is just a turnaround. It is probably also a good fishing spot.

End of the road, so time to backtrack and see where the car takes me next.

After I returned home, I opened Google Maps to find out where I was.

There doesn’t appear to be a name for the river entering the Red River there – I followed it for miles on the map looking for a name – but nothing. It does show Netley Creek Provincial Park along the Red River though, so I wonder if that is Netley Creek going into the Red River.

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