Walking around at Lockport

There was absolutely nothing written in my calendar for today – so I decided to head out to Lockport to look for birds and see how the ice on the river was there.

There was actually more ice than I thought there would be – closer to the locks as well.

Then I noticed a guy fishing on the ice across the river.

A pair of Canada Geese were hanging around the picnic tables and complained a bit as I headed their way.

As I walked along the river, I noticed more people out on the ice. I thought the huts were supposed to be off the river, but maybe not around here. I notice they didn’t drive their vehicles onto the ice anyway.

At that point, a huge flock of Canada Geese flew over me, so I got a couple of photos – missing most of the flock though.

Then, one last look at the bridge from a distance.

I headed back to the car and let the car decide which way to go. Stay tuned tomorrow to find out where we went. 🙂

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