Return to the Bird’s Hill Park Lakes & Trails

Just like my first walk after breaking my shoulder was back to the trails at Fort Whyte Alive where I fell & broke it, my first walk back in Bird’s Hill just had to be to the area where I was lost for a few hours.

This time I decided to reverse the walk by starting out when that walk ended.

I am walking on the side of the road on that strip of grass between the icy road and the snowbanks into the ditch. This part of the road was very icy most of the time, but many spots were great for walking. I was wearing spikes on my shoes, but they don’t dig into solid ice although they worked just fine if the ice had a little softness in it.

It had warmed up from my earlier walk (posted yesterday) and it was an absolutely gorgeous time to be walking. I met quite a few people (& several dogs) and everyone was happy & friendly.

I did the entire walk to the end of the road, where it joins onto the large circle and comes back to this road. I couldn’t find where I got onto the circle after being lost though. So much snow has melted that nothing looked familiar. I did have a great walk and the road was fine to walk all the way back without worrying abut slipping. I also did find a couple of Chickadees – but they were obviously not the same ones who followed me in the campgrounds since they would not come to my hands – even with yummy seeds.

We don’t get spring in March, especially this early in March – so I’m sure we will have more winter weather, but I’m glad I was able to get out and walk yesterday.

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  1. So happy you are enjoying this great weather. I figure we will get more Winter, too, but we are getting so close to Spring…I can smell it and hear it. The birds are happy!!

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