A Beautiful Morning at Bird’s Hill Provincial Park

The forecast for today was for above normal temperatures under a mainly sunny sky. I decided a drive to Bird’s Hill Provincial Park would be a great way to spend the morning. Normal temperatures for today’s date are between -1C and -11C and the high for today was forecast to be +12C – but it is currently +14C at 2:00 pm. An absolutely gorgeous day!

First I stopped at the Prairie Winds trail for a walk. Due to melting and re-freezing over the last couple of weeks, the trail wasn’t in great condition, but was walk-able (with the spikes on my shoes). The shady spots on the trail were mostly frozen, but in the open parts, it was softer.

I found a few Chickadees and since I remembered to bring some seeds with me this morning, I was able to convince them to make a few quick visits with me.

Just a couple more photos of the trail as I continued on and then a problem with the parking lot as I returned to the car.

As I was getting closer to the parking lot, I could hear something very loud – as if someone was working on the lot. As I got back to the car I found out that the problem was that a garbage truck had gone into the parking lot to empty the garbage or recycling containers and got stuck. He had been spinning the tires for so long that they had dug way down and I wasn’t sure if he could even get it out. But he continued to spin and went back & forth and finally did get out – leaving quite large and deep holes in the parking lot. I hope he will let someone know to have the holes fixed before a car is damaged in them.

In tomorrow’s blog, I will be heading back to the West Beach (where I got lost) to see if I can re-trace some of that walk. I would love to find the Chickadees that kept me company there.

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