A Day in the Life

Today, I had 3 things on my list of things to do.

1 – visit mother in personal care home – appointment was for 10:30 am

2 – sign lease for new apartment – appointment was for 11:30 am

3 – spend a little time with my buddy Coconut (after noon)

Visit with my mother went well. The weather was fine, so visit went on as scheduled. If you happen to be reading this after 2020 finally ends – you need to know that we are in the midst of COVID-19 and visits are scheduled, must be outside, you must wear a mask, answer health questions and have temperature taken before having the visit. The visits are for a maximum of 30 minutes.

Signing the new lease didn’t work out. It had been sent to the manager a few days ago when she phoned me and set the appointment, but hadn’t been returned to her yet – although she assures me the suite is mine and she will let me know when she has it back. I am not going to turn in my notice at my current suite until I have a copy of the new lease in my hands.

But then I got to head over to see Coconut and spend a little time with him. There is no way that wouldn’t turn out well. He was at the door to greet me, wiggling his little body. 🙂 I sat outside with him for awhile and then inside to see if he would eat some of his meal. He is such a little guy that he doesn’t need much food to survive and he likes to eat his favourite bits first. Then he waits to see if he can have something better than what is left in his bowl.

It was fairly warm by that time, so we went for a short walk – just around the block. I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that he has to pee on every tree, every fire hydrant, every weed that is taller than the surrounding grass, every corner fence post – and so on. He is so entertaining! Male dogs normally pee about 1/2 of what is in their bladder, so each time they stop, the amount goes down. By his 10th (or so) stop, his bladder only has a fraction of a drop left, so there is virtually nothing coming out – but he still has to try! that means that it takes awhile to go all the way around the block, but that isn’t a problem. I’m never in a hurry and he is so cute!

I only took 2 photos today.

Coconut was having a snooze when I left a couple of hours later. His family was just going to be away for a little more time than they like to leave him alone.

I took a couple of photos a few days ago, while heading towards the zoo – so I figured this was a good place to show them also. 🙂

These 2 White-tail Deer were in Assiniboine Park. The train tracks are for the cute little train that rides around some of the park.

So far, I have absolutely nothing planned for tomorrow – so tomorrow I’ll decide (maybe with the flip of a coin) what I will be doing.

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