A Drive through 3 Manitoba Provincial Parks in 1 Day

When I left the apartment this morning I hadn’t planned on driving through 3 Provincial Parks – but I did. When I returned home, I decided to find out how many Provincial Parks are in Manitoba – maybe I can set a higher goal for another drive. 🙂 Google search tells me there are 92 Provincial Parks in Manitoba covering more than four million hectares of land and water!

There are only 2 Federal National Parks in Manitoba and I have been to 1 of them. Of course, I have been to Riding Mountain National Park a few times each year lately, but have never been to Wapusk National Park, although I few into Churchill a few years ago and may have flown over Wapusk. 🙂

This morning I headed to the Whiteshell Provincial Park. My parents used to have a cottage at Nutimik Lake and I spent quite a bit of time there during the summers. I haven’t been back since the cottage was sold. I drove down the private road it was on and looked around as I drove, but there have been many changes with most of the cottages, so not much was familiar. I did manage to take a few photos while I was in the area.

On the way home, I passed a sign pointing towards Grand Beach Provincial Park and since it was closer than home, I turned to follow it. I needed some sand on my feet.

I had lunch on the beach and then started heading home. I realized I would be passing Birds Hill Provincial Park and shortly before I reached it, I had decided to go there too. 🙂

I found the Gabrielle Roy write-up interesting.

I spent most of the day in my car, but got out at least once in each of the parks to walk around.