A Drive through 3 Manitoba Provincial Parks in 1 Day

When I left the apartment this morning I hadn’t planned on driving through 3 Provincial Parks – but I did. When I returned home, I decided to find out how many Provincial Parks are in Manitoba – maybe I can set a higher goal for another drive. 🙂 Google search tells me there are 92… Continue reading A Drive through 3 Manitoba Provincial Parks in 1 Day

Red River May 5th

Its another beautiful morning here, other than the wind – which is less than yesterday, but still windy.  It was 8C when Chester and I had our walk along the Red River. A bunch of kids were running the opposite way we were going.  Not sure what was going on – it seemed a little… Continue reading Red River May 5th

Lockport and Raking

Lets see if you figured out what I was going to do when even I didn’t know what I was going to do  🙂 First, Chester and I went to Lockport, but we found absolutely no Pelicans.  😦  We did have a nice walk along the Red River while there though and we did see… Continue reading Lockport and Raking

October 23rd

We are now having our typical fall days here.  It seems like this is the first time all year that we have had typical weather.  At mid afternoon it is 6C after being -2C earlier today when the dogs and I took our walk.  I have been taking some pictures while going for walks daily,… Continue reading October 23rd