White-tail Deer Playdate

I was watching and taking pictures of a beautiful White-tail Deer and her adorable fawns outside my window this morning.   Looks like a mother and 2 fawns – but looking closer at the first 2 pictures, before I zoomed in a bit more, it looks like another fawn’s legs behind the bush.  Unfortunately I… Continue reading White-tail Deer Playdate

A Day Trip to Riding Mountain National Park – Nov 9

It is a long way to go for a day trip – although not as far as it was to Churchill for my day trip there – but the flight time to Churchill was less than the drive time to RMNP. Anyway – the weather here is just so gorgeous, that I had to take… Continue reading A Day Trip to Riding Mountain National Park – Nov 9

Day 16 – Going Home

The plan for today was to get a sunrise picture from the same place I took the sunset picture yesterday (only facing the other way).  🙂  So – I was up and headed over there on this brisk morning. The sunrise was a dud.  The sun came up without any colours at all – and… Continue reading Day 16 – Going Home

The Rest of the Critters at Fort Whyte Alive

As usual, there were more critters at Fort Whyte than the Muskrats that posed so nicely for me a few days ago. So – here are the rest  🙂 Pelicans – fishing Painted Turtles Mallard Ducks White-tail Deer hiding behind branches – I have so much trouble getting the camera to focus where I want… Continue reading The Rest of the Critters at Fort Whyte Alive

Fort Whyte Alive – February 5

It was a beautiful day at Fort Whyte Alive on Friday.  The temperature was reasonable, the sun was shining (off & on) and for much of my walk, I did not see or hear anyone else around. I found deer!  🙂 At this point we heard a group (a very noisy group) of school kids… Continue reading Fort Whyte Alive – February 5

Surprise on Our Walk

Chester and I were not seeing much of interest on our walk yesterday.  The sunrise wasn’t very interesting, although the water was very colourful.  I was looking towards the construction, but nothing much had changed there when suddenly I saw a deer down by the water.  She came out from behind a bush, bounding along,… Continue reading Surprise on Our Walk