Riding Mountain National Park in Early Fall – day 3, part 2

I was still at Lake Audy Dam at the end of the last post and was enjoying the scenery and the birds, when I saw something swimming off in the distance.  It was actually more just the water moving that I saw.  I zoomed in on it with my camera and was surprised to see… Continue reading Riding Mountain National Park in Early Fall – day 3, part 2

Grebes and a Flicker

The huge flocks of various ducks, grebes and whatever else was on the Red River last week have moved on.  Yesterday there was one small group of Horned Grebes left, but this morning – nothing. I think these are all Horned Grebes. Edit – May 9/15 I just used a bird ID feature at Merlin… Continue reading Grebes and a Flicker

A Morning at Fort Whyte

On Monday I went back to Fort Whyte to spend a bit of time there.  Next time I will bring my lunch with me or bring some money to get lunch at the restaurant there.  I spent 2 hours walking the trails and didn’t cover all of it, but got hungry and had to go. … Continue reading A Morning at Fort Whyte

The Red River and a New Grebe and Gull

It was still cloudy on May 2nd when I took today’s pictures, but out in the middle of the Red River there were some birds that I could not ID until I got home and looked at the pictures.  I still didn’t know what they were, but decided to google red neck grebe, since I… Continue reading The Red River and a New Grebe and Gull

Ducks and Grebes and Cheetah Cam

On yesterday’s walking along the Red River, we found a pair of Mallard Ducks and a pair of Western Grebes.  I am assuming that the Grebes are just behind the ones who were here a few days ago and will also be gone before today’s walk.  It would be nice if they decided to hang… Continue reading Ducks and Grebes and Cheetah Cam

Migration Time

On yesterday’s walk along the Red River with Chester, we must have caught a break in the migration of a lot of different ducks and grebes.  I can’t identify all of them, but did manage to figure out a couple.  Of course there were Canada Geese there too and we met a little bunny along… Continue reading Migration Time