Spring at Riding Mountain National Park – Part 3

After leaving the Bison enclosure, we took a different road back, heading into Onanole so I could gas up my car, instead of taking the drive back through the park.  The only gas stations open this time of year are either south of the park at Onanole or north of the park in Dauphin.  The… Continue reading Spring at Riding Mountain National Park – Part 3

Looking for Colour

I go on this little walk along the Seine River often, and many time I don’t even bring a camera – I just walk and enjoy the nature.  Today I brought my little camera to see if there is any colour left on the trees and bushes, while looking for critters and whatever else I… Continue reading Looking for Colour

Along the Red River and Back at Home

Yesterday morning’s walk with Chester along the Red River showed that several of the bushes have not been planted, but there are still many in pots.  I will have to see how things look there this morning. We also had a very quick glimpse of a Beaver.  It has been awhile since I’ve seen a… Continue reading Along the Red River and Back at Home


Actually – not much is happening around here.  My car is in for service for a couple of recalls and some regular maintenance.  Hopefully it will be ready soon and I can get out and run some errands. I still don’t seem to have this retirement going the way I expected it to be.  I… Continue reading Happenings

A Walk Along the Red River

I know – I walk along the Red River every day.  Today’s walk had 3 different critters so I had to just make it a generic title. First is a singing Sparrow, then a Canada Goose and then a Beaver. A couple of  days ago I wondered if I had seen a Beaver, but the… Continue reading A Walk Along the Red River

That’s More Like It!

Finally the sun came out yesterday and by afternoon it was warm!  Whew – hope the rest of the summer is sunny and warm.  It can rain at night – but not 4 days of rain again, I hope. Chester and I saw critters on our walk along the Red River yesterday – including (drum… Continue reading That’s More Like It!

Beaver, Sunrise and the Moon

Yesterday was a busy day, with trying to get all my usual Friday errands squeezed into my Saturday, but I did manage to accomplish most of what I had planned.  There still has to be time for Africam.  🙂 I didn’t get great shots of the beaver with the branches in front, but I think… Continue reading Beaver, Sunrise and the Moon