A Couple of Walks in Bird’s Hill Provincial Park – part 2

The walk back to the car along the 2 trails was a nice walk again, but the birds and critters kept themselves hidden. I then drove over to the West Beach Parking lot and began walking the trail that goes around the lakes. This time, I walked the beach area first and then up and around at the back. This is the same place where I was lost in the winter.

In the summer, this is an easy walk. There are trails that are paved (or gravel) and it is easy to follow them around. So, I walked and took a few more photos.

Now that I know the layout of the beaches, I am hopeful that I can walk this trail at any time of the year (without getting lost again). It would help if they plowed the trails – but I don’t expect they will – so I will have to depend on my own wits to get me back to where I started.

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