A Morning at Assiniboine Park

Even though I often walk at the same places, each trip is different because different critters & birds might show themselves. This trip certainly had some of the birds that I’ve been wanting to find for some time.

A Canada Goose family was in front of me and I noticed how large the Goslings are now. One of the Goslings even hissed at me. The parents were ok with me, but the youngster must have had too many photographers approaching. They were followed by a Goldeneye Duck family with adorable ducklings.

Next was a little Chickadee who was in and out of a nest that is inside a hole in a tree. It was only by luck that I saw it.

In the English Gardens, a Ruby-throated Hummingbird posed for photos.

There is another bird that spends the summer here in Manitoba that I have been hoping to get a photo of for awhile now. I have had quick glimpses of the male diving into a dense bush, but until yesterday, have never managed a photo. He nicely posed and sang a song at the top of an evergreen – so I finally got some photos of the beautiful male Indigo Bunting.

I’d say this was a pretty good morning.

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