A Morning Walk at Oak Hammock Marsh – part 1

Over the last several months, I have developed a habit of walking every single morning and I always take my camera with me. I look for any wildlife or scenery to photograph and I walk a few miles. I enjoy sharing my photos with friends and family both on my own facebook page and on a couple of different bird and wildlife facebook pages. I did take a break for a couple of months after I broke my shoulder last December and I really missed getting out. With the extreme heatwave we are now having, I will be taking another short break. I did get an early morning walk in yesterday though, so I’ll show you some of those photos now.

I know some places have hotter heat waves, but the high 30’s C is just a little too hot to walk as far as I usually walk.

I headed north to Oak Hammock Marsh for this stroll.

I was there for quite awhile and took a lot more photos, but I’ll put those up in the next few days. To be continued . . . .