A Couple of Walks in Bird’s Hill Provincial Park – part 1

The provincial parks in Manitoba closed all the trails in their parks earlier this spring due to the extreme dry weather and the possibility of fires. There were several very large and out of control fires burning in the province at that time. After we finally got a few days of rain, the trails are now open and I headed out to Bird’s Hill Provincial Park for a walk.

First stop was the Prairie Winds Trail. As I walked along the trail, I could hear plenty of birds singing, but most were not prepared to show themselves. I only managed two photos on the walk to the lookout.

Instead of continuing that trail, when I reached the lookout, I headed out to meet up to the trail that leads to and old homestead on another trail. On the way, I found a Black Swallowtail Butterfly and a Clay-colored Sparrow.

This was the homestead for the Kudlowich family from 1936. There were several homesteads along this path, but this is the only one still standing.

I walked back along the two trails it took to get here and then headed out to go the the beach trails.

To be continued tomorrow . . . . .