A Couple of Walks in Bird’s Hill Provincial Park – part 1

The provincial parks in Manitoba closed all the trails in their parks earlier this spring due to the extreme dry weather and the possibility of fires. There were several very large and out of control fires burning in the province at that time. After we finally got a few days of rain, the trails are… Continue reading A Couple of Walks in Bird’s Hill Provincial Park – part 1

A Couple of Birds

Today is my daughter’s birthday.  🙂  Happy Birthday Angela!  Hope you have a wonderful day. Those Black-headed Gulls (or whatever they are) are still hanging around the Red River and actually they are the only gulls I saw on yesterday’s walk with Chester.  The other bird is a little sparrow of some kind.  If I… Continue reading A Couple of Birds

Clay-colored Sparrow

The Clay-colored Sparrow is the little guy who sounds like an insect buzzing.  I got a video of him singing today – but you can’t hear the buzz until the last few seconds and then it is very faint.  In the background we can hear the Song Sparrow.  He’s a cute little guy and I… Continue reading Clay-colored Sparrow

Gull and a Sparrow

A couple of days ago, I saw a gull floating on the Red River when Chester and I went for our walk.   Of course, it was a long way away and hard to see, but the camera did a pretty good job of getting it close enough to see him.  I don’t know what kind… Continue reading Gull and a Sparrow

This and That

We have a mishmash of pictures today – some taken yesterday and one this morning in the rain.  Yes – my weekend has just begun and the rain is coming down.  My lawn really needs to be cut, but my hours during the work week make it difficult to look after except on weekends. Today… Continue reading This and That

Clay-Colored Sparrow and Mallard Ducks

I finally got a picture of the sparrow that sounds like an insect!  It is a Clay-colored Sparrow and there seem to be several of them along our walk by the Red River.  Chester doesn’t have any interest in these little guys there, but he would if they came into our yard.  I have managed… Continue reading Clay-Colored Sparrow and Mallard Ducks

River Walk June 21

It was 17C under a party sunny sky with a bit of a wind today when Chester and I took our walk.   It seems to have been a birding day – but only 2 different types of birds – and quite a few of one of them.  🙂 First we have one of the little… Continue reading River Walk June 21