Sturgeon Creek and Assiniboine Park

This morning I decided to make a return trip to Sturgeon Creek. I could hear lots of birds singing, but was unable to get any photos of any of them – other than some swallows who I am guessing are Bank Swallows that nest along the bank. The photos of the swallows are not great, since they never stopped moving though.

I took a few other photos while walking.

Then, I headed over to Assiniboine Park. Flowers are appearing in the English Garden.

During my walk in Assiniboine Park, I received a phone call from my dentist’s office asking if I was on my way.

OOOPS – I forgot about my appointment. I knew about it yesterday and did my COVID screening, but this morning, I had my usual quick breakfast, grabbed my camera and headed out the door without looking at my calendar. It has been rescheduled and hopefully I will remember.

Other than the fact that I have a horrible memory – I was up much later than usual last night due to the hockey game between the Winnipeg Jets and the Edmonton Oilers. The game went into the 3rd overtime period (so they basically played 2 games back to back in one night). But – the Jets won and Edmonton has been eliminated from the playoffs. PARTY TIME!