Sturgeon Creek and Assiniboine Park

This morning I decided to make a return trip to Sturgeon Creek. I could hear lots of birds singing, but was unable to get any photos of any of them – other than some swallows who I am guessing are Bank Swallows that nest along the bank. The photos of the swallows are not great,… Continue reading Sturgeon Creek and Assiniboine Park

Time for an Update

There have been a few things happening since I returned home from my vacation in Kruger National Park, but other than my walks and sightings from my apartment windows – nothing much to report.  So, I thought I would sum up some things all in one post. Shortly before leaving on my vacation, I had… Continue reading Time for an Update

Random Stuff

At this time of year there is nothing going on around here outside except for snow, cold and then more snow and cold.  For this reason, I have trouble finding anything to blog about and it seems I am more of a once weekly blogger instead of the daily blogger than I am during the… Continue reading Random Stuff

Medical Stuff

Whew – I’m finally finished with all my medical stuff.  It doesn’t pay to keep putting things off until everything is due at once. In the last 3 weeks, I’ve had 2 dental appointments, 2 eye doctor appointments and a mammogram. But – the tooth I broke last summer is now fixed, my eyes are… Continue reading Medical Stuff

First Friday in March this Year

It is March now and my marathon of Friday appointments continues.  Today it was the dentist where I underwent a thorough cleaning, x-rays (I hate x-rays) and a check up.  I survived to see another day (well – for sure the rest of the day) and have a whole 6 months before I have to… Continue reading First Friday in March this Year