Assiniboine Park after a Temperature Drop

Luckily we did not get the extreme & dangerously high temperatures that the west coast of Canada had a few days ago, but we had temperatures in the high 30C range – up to 38C. Parts of British Columbia were in the high 40C range almost 50C. Currently a large number of wildfires are burning… Continue reading Assiniboine Park after a Temperature Drop

A Couple of Walks in Bird’s Hill Provincial Park – part 2

The walk back to the car along the 2 trails was a nice walk again, but the birds and critters kept themselves hidden. I then drove over to the West Beach Parking lot and began walking the trail that goes around the lakes. This time, I walked the beach area first and then up and… Continue reading A Couple of Walks in Bird’s Hill Provincial Park – part 2

Around the Yard

I have 2 clumps of Iris in my yard.  One is fairly short and flowers earlier than the other,  The early ones have now finished flowering and the later, taller ones are now started.  I think the flowers on the taller ones are also a bit bigger, but since they are not open at the… Continue reading Around the Yard

Yellow Warbler and a Flower

It is a cloudy and very humid day today and we are just waiting for the rain to start coming down.  When Chester and I took our walk this morning, the birds along the Red River were singing their cheerful songs as usual – maybe even more cheerful.  When I saw a flash of yellow,… Continue reading Yellow Warbler and a Flower

Yellow Bird Solved and Bear Cubs

I solved the mystery yellow bird from yesterday – just by taking another walk and getting pictures of him again. On yesterday’s pictures, I kept looking at the top of his breast and thinking that there was a little tinge of red – but that didn’t seem to fit any of the little warblers.  On… Continue reading Yellow Bird Solved and Bear Cubs