Day 2 at Riding Mountain National Park

I had decided I wasn’t going to set an alarm to get up and get out for the sunrises this trip – but amazingly enough, I work up early anyway. So – I headed out while it was still dark. I was greeted by the beautiful moon as soon as I went outside.

It was getting fairly close to sunrise, so I didn’t think I would make it all the way to Grayling Lake and decided to see what it would be like at Lake Katherine on #19.

I decided not to wait for the sun to rise there though and continued on #19 to Whirlpool Lake.

I stayed and walked around for several minutes before getting back in the car and heading out to look for more critters (and/or) views.

Of course, I stopped at the bridges on the road and was lucky enough to find this Beaver going about morning duties.

Today will be a fairly busy day too – so more coming on tomorrow’s post.