Back to RMNP – part 5

On my way towards the Bison enclosure I found – not 1, but 2 Coyotes. The first one was very shy and my only photo of him or her was behind the bushes. The second one ha no problem posing for photos. I took several, but will only show a couple of them. They were very close but out of sight to each other, so I don’t know if they were together or not.

There is another stream (just one on this road) that crosses the road on the drive into the Bison enclosure – so of course, I stopped for the traditional photos.

Before I knew it, I was inside the Bison enclosure and looking for them. I did find them in the back pasture and they were quite co-operative in posing for photos.

Some of them are still shedding their winter coats and look a bit rough – but they all look good and healthy.

On my way out of the Bison enclosure, I saw some black things in a tree. I thought at first they were those big black garbage bags and I was so unhappy to think that someone had thrown those out. Then, when one of them moved, I realized that they were 4 Black Bears up in the tree. These photos were taken using a lot of zoom and have been cropped – but it was exciting to see them.

I wanted to get to Spruces for my sunset photo, so I decided I better get going. I didn’t really want to drive in the dark to get back to the highway.

Not far from the enclosure, I found another Black Bear wandering on the road. It was getting dark and I took this through the windshield, but you can tell it is a bear.

I was a little late for my sunset photo – but this is what I got at Spruces when I arrived there. The sun was already down – but the colours remained.

So ends my first day back at Riding Mountain National Park. It is such a peaceful place to be at this time of year. I avoid it during the summer months because it is much too busy for me. Another day coming up tomorrow. 🙂

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