Finally – Back to RMNP – part 4

It was now mid-afternoon, so some of the critters might start moving before too long. I had not yet driven one of my favourite roads – #19, so that is where I started off.

First stop was Lake Katherine, but all I could find there were a pair of Buffleheads – so I took their photo and one of the grasses growing along the lakeshore.

There are 3 places where streams cross this road and I always stop at all of them to take photos. Of course, the view is different on the opposite sides of the road – so the next 6 photos are both sides of all 3 streams. 🙂

You never know what you might find in or near these streams – so I always stop to look. Today was just water & snow!

My next stop was planned for Whirlpool Lake. It is a very peaceful little lake, but had been closed for awhile and I haven’t been in for at least 2 years. I’m not sure when it re-opened, but it was open now and I headed in.

I still have stops to make, so decided to head back to the highway and continue my day. I have to squeeze a lot of stops when I’m only here for a couple of days. First stop was right on the road where a Ruffed Grouse posed very nicely for me. It is unusual for it to stand still while the car approached and stopped just a few feet away. Then a very co-operative Chipmunk.

I stopped at Clear Lake in Wasagaming for a few minutes to stretch my legs and found the water so calm that the cloud reflections actually look to be clearer in the water than what is in the sky.

Time to head to the Lake Audy Bison enclosure – but that (& more) will be covered in tomorrow’s post.