Finally – Back to RMNP – part 3

My next stop is one of my favourite sunrise locations. Grayling Lake. It is quite a small lake surrounded by evergreens.

Next stop was Moon Lake where there was lots of ice remaining

From Moon Lake, I continued north. Just north of Moon Lake is prime Moose viewing at times. Not this time though. I drove past the walking man tree and a bit further before turning around and heading back south again.

You can probably guess why it is called the walking man tree.

The highway has 3 divides within the park and on one of those, I saw a Black Bear running towards the road from my left. By the time I grabbed my camera he was already running up and ready to disappear into the bush on my right. So, I held up the camera without looking or zooming and managed a couple of photos. I have drastically cropped them, but you can see what I saw.

Then it was time to check in, so I headed out of the park and to the Honeycomb Bed & Breakfast to be checked in. I stayed there until mid afternoon – then headed to Wasagaming for a good meal before going out driving and looking for critters again.

To be continued tomorrow.

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