Finally – Back to RMNP – part 2

I won’t be checking into the Honeycomb Bed & Breakfast until after noon, so I have plenty of time to visit all my favourite stops before then.

The Spruces has a beautiful sunset almost every night.

The Wishing Well Road has a beautiful sunset for a limited amount of time – the sun just needs to be setting in the middle (or close to it) where there is a gap in the trees.

The Wishing Well Road is a short road that enters at the most northern part of Clear Lake – so it is the same lake that we see in the town of Wasasgaming. You can get to the golf course on this road, and the beautiful gardens (with a wishing well), the Glen Beag picnic area (with access to a walking trail along the lake shore), and then a short uphill drive back to the highway.

I took a few photos along the way and on my next trip, the gardens should be planted and I will take photos there also.

Then I was back on the highway heading further north. My next stop was the Lake Audy Road that would take us to the Bison enclosure (but not this time).

First stop there was the picnic spot. This road goes right through the Bison enclosure, but I just stopped at the picnic spot for photos before getting back on the highway.

I like to cover all my favourite spots when I arrive, so time to move on.

To be continued tomorrow.