Finally – back to Riding Mountain National Park

Last fall, I headed for Riding Mountain, but ended up with car problems and had to be towed back to Winnipeg. My last visit before then was in June of 2020 – so I was excited to make a 2 night booking at the Honeycomb Bed & Breakfast just outside the park.

The weather was a bit chilly and there is still ice on many of the lakes – but it felt so good to be able to spend my days driving around or walking on the trails – looking for birds and critters wherever I went.

I stopped at Wasagaming as soon as I entered the park, so I could pick up my annual pass and decided to walk over to the Ominnik Marsh to walk and see what I could find.

Of course, my trusty camera was with me and ready to take photos of whatever I saw. First thing I found were Pussy Willows.

There are usually quite a variety of waterfowl in the waters here and this was no exception. They were all a long distance away and I am so glad I have a camera with a LOT of zoom. Even with all the zoom, these photos are almost all cropped and then re-sized even smaller to fit in the blog.

Then it was time to go for a drive and see what I could find. To be continued tomorrow.