Finally – Back to RMNP – part 4

It was now mid-afternoon, so some of the critters might start moving before too long. I had not yet driven one of my favourite roads – #19, so that is where I started off. First stop was Lake Katherine, but all I could find there were a pair of Buffleheads – so I took their… Continue reading Finally – Back to RMNP – part 4

July 6 and 7 – Riding Mountain National Park

I had been back home for almost a month and found that I was missing seeing critters and being in nature.  I could tell from the posts on the Riding Mountain National Park Facebook page that there were plenty of baby critters being seen there and decided I should see some Canadian critters and hopefully… Continue reading July 6 and 7 – Riding Mountain National Park


No matter what I’m doing, if I have my camera and I see a little (or big) critter, I’m going to stop and take a picture. Chipmunks are adorable little guys and I seldom see them any more.  Lots of them were around Grand Beach years (& years) ago when I spent time at my… Continue reading Chipmunk