Back to RMNP – part 5

On my way towards the Bison enclosure I found – not 1, but 2 Coyotes. The first one was very shy and my only photo of him or her was behind the bushes. The second one ha no problem posing for photos. I took several, but will only show a couple of them. They were… Continue reading Back to RMNP – part 5

Assiniboine Forest – Exploring a different area

Yesterday, I decided to check out a different area of the Assiniboine Forest. This is a large area that pretty much begins at the Assiniboine Park. The park starts at the Assiniboine River. Some areas in the park are bush and it is common to find White-tailed Deer right along with other urban wildlife. Corydon… Continue reading Assiniboine Forest – Exploring a different area

Riding Mountain National Park – day 3, part 2

I stopped at the Boreal Trail next. I wasn’t planning on walking it due to the very high number of nasty mosquitoes around and I did not have any repellent with me. As it was, every time I rolled my window down to get critter photos, the car filled up with mosquitoes. So – I… Continue reading Riding Mountain National Park – day 3, part 2

Riding Mountain National Park – day 2, part 1

I set off early looking for a sunrise. It was a cloudy morning, but you never know what might happen. I got a few interesting morning sky photos from various locations anyway. 🙂 Next I found a cooperative bird, but don’t know what he is and hard to look anything up with the slow and… Continue reading Riding Mountain National Park – day 2, part 1

Back to RMNP – Day 2

After a good night’s sleep, Debbie and I were up early, grabbed breakfast at Timmies and headed into the park for the sunrise at Grayling Lake.  I have taken some great sunrise pictures there in the past.  Today we left Debbie’s car in Dauphin and just went in mine for the day. We hadn’t reached… Continue reading Back to RMNP – Day 2

Day 11 – Jasper

I’m back in Alberta and have frost on my windshield again!  As far as I know, Manitoba hasn’t had frost yet. Of course, I don’t know – but feel the need to complain!  🙂 Once the frost was removed, it turned out to be an absolutely beautiful day here in Jasper. I had breakfast at… Continue reading Day 11 – Jasper

City Wildlife

It is surprising how much wildlife lives among us in the middle of the city.  Of course, I am referring to wild critters and not wild times drinking and getting into fights at bars. Over the years, I have posted many pictures of the little bunnies and the squirrels – both red and grey as… Continue reading City Wildlife

Wildlife Sighting

This sighting starts back to about a month ago.  Just before Christmas (might even have been on Christmas morning), I saw something cross the Red River on the ice. It appeared to be dog-like, but I didn’t really think it was a dog.  It was fairly dark out and this critter was quite a distance… Continue reading Wildlife Sighting