Riding Mountain National Park – day 3, part 2

I stopped at the Boreal Trail next. I wasn’t planning on walking it due to the very high number of nasty mosquitoes around and I did not have any repellent with me. As it was, every time I rolled my window down to get critter photos, the car filled up with mosquitoes.

So – I just walked to the start of the trail and took a few photos from the deck. It is a nice little walk, but hopefully I will get back later this year when fewer mosquitoes will be around.

A Coyote appeared on the side of the road and appeared to be on a mission, but I managed a few shots as he went by.

There are still Black Bears wherever I go. It is so wonderful to see them. Soon the dandelions will be gone from the ditches though and it will be much harder to find them.

I headed back to the resort and hung around with the horses for awhile.

I will be heading for home tomorrow, but won’t be leaving until after my morning drive – so one more post to come.