Riding Mountain National Park – final day

It is always sad to wake up to the final day of a vacation. I can never get tired of being in nature.

The morning started off (amazingly enough) with a Black Bear.

This bear was on a drive that I often take. It is a short uphill and winding road from the Wishing Well and although I seldom see any critters at all, I do like it anyway. This was the first critter (other than birds) that I have seen on here. He wasn’t about to pose for photos, but luckily he did stop once in the bush while I could still see him long enough to get a parting shot.

Next was a very cooperative Black Bear who posed for me. 🙂

After taking the first photo, I zoomed in a bit more and he waited patiently for me. Finally a critter who wants his photo taken.

Amazingly enough, my next critter was a beautiful Moose and she didn’t run away. I’m pretty sure she even smiled at me. They must know I’m almost at the end of my stay.

The Mallard Duck swimming away was my cue to check out of the resort and start heading for home. I’ll be back though.

I booked at Elkhorn Resort this time because they had a re-opening special after the COVID-19 shut down. The price was good and all the rooms were the same price – so I booked a deluxe room. Internet is included in the price, so I would be able to post photos on Facebook and write my blog. Unfortunately, the internet connection was horrible. I learned to save the blog after every sentence – and it took a couple of minutes to save each one, so it was quite frustrating. It also took a few minutes to connect again after every disconnect.

Next trip, I will certainly be staying at the Honeycomb Bed and Breakfast, just south of Onanole.

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