Riding Mountain National Park – day 2, part 1

I set off early looking for a sunrise. It was a cloudy morning, but you never know what might happen. I got a few interesting morning sky photos from various locations anyway. 🙂

Next I found a cooperative bird, but don’t know what he is and hard to look anything up with the slow and unreliable internet at this resort. A white-tail Deer actually stopped and posed for me and then a Beaver was swimming by the shore.

It was a little dark where I found my first Black Bear for the day. He is a little blurry, but I had to include him. Then I came to a spot where there was a Moose and a White-tail Deer. They both started running, with the deer ahead of the Moose (you can see the deer’s tail at the far right of the bottom photo). But then the deer stopped to pose for a photo, while the Moose disappeared into the bush.

Next a Black Bear and her 2 little cubs. The little guys stayed hidden most of the time, but finally one climbed high enough in a tree that I could see him. The other one didn’t cooperate, but in the last photo, you can see them both if you really look.

I noticed a yellow ear tag on this Black Bear, I have heard that problem bears are tagged and released. The tag is replaced with another colour if he is caught again. A red tag seems to mean he is on his last chance. This guy is behaving fine, so hopefully he will keep his yellow tag. Bears become a problem because people feed them and they lose fear and then become dangerous. Please DO NOT FEED BEARS!!